Meet Trip Sanders

As a professional networker, Trip Sanders, President of Networking. Simple. enthusiastically attends networking events of all kinds. Trip’s passion for networking and making connections started as a teenager when he attended events hosted by political dignitaries, professional associations and community organizations. Trip’s objective is simple- meet new people and make a connection. Develop that connection into a productive business relationship. Since 2011, Trip professionally helped dozens of businesses and hundreds of individuals meet and make new connections which has directly increased revenue through various forums - networking seminars, networking groups, and high quality networking events. As a business owner with MBA training, Trip brings experience and a business background to help clients increase connections and grow their organizations.Trip works with clients ranging from multi-billion dollar corporations to local non-profits and everything in between.

Throughout his career, Trip has always participated in community events, organizations and groups such as the local Chambers of Commerce and non-profits. When Trip is not networking at an event, he enjoys spending time at home with his family - wife Jennifer, sons Jacob (5) and Alexander (3) and dog Louie.

Networking Accomplishments:
  • Organized & Hosted over 75 networking events since 2011
  • Networked for and coached 20 clients since 2011
  • Network of 3000+ professional connections
  • Host of multiple independent networking groups since 2013
  • Attended 800+ events since 2011
  • Launched Executive Golf Network in Spring 2016